Friday, 24 October 2008

Hugs and Tears and Parents Fears

Hugs and Tears and Parents Fears.

In Britain on the first of September[1939]hugs and tears were sherd as children everywere move to the countryside.
It was the day of evacuation.
Children have been evacuated by cars, trains, and boats and over 2500 children have been evacuated so far.
If children are under 3yrs old they are evacuated with their mum or teachers.
Most parents are sending their children on a train to the countryside.
Parents are telling their children that they are going on holiday and to take their gas mask with them at all times.
Also adults have to carry or wear their gas mask to avoid gas.
The goverment is calling it operation pied piper instead of evacuation.
The parents are being told to look away as the children leave the station to stop them from crying.
Dont worry every bodys going to be told what there doing as soon as possible.
By Sapphire and Connor



On the first of January 1939 all of the children in the city are being evacuated due to heavy bombing.
The evacution of these children is called Operation Pied Piper. The people that are being evacuted are mostly children and teachers but some mothers and disabled people will be evacuted as well.

Michel Clark (10 year old boy who is being evacuted) had a interview with us and he said he is so upset because he had to leave his mum but his mum said it was for the best.

by Conor and Iisa

Food supplies are low

food supplies are low

The government is introducing rationing books Text Colourbecause are Low.
In the next few weeks you will receive a rationing book.
In this book it will contain coupons for milk,eggs,bacon,ham and cheese.
you can only bye certain amount of Food as Hitler is bombing all ports.
We have spoken to people and this is what they have said.

"we have to grow are own food" it is very hard trying to ration there is not enough nutrition fore the babies in Britain. when you have brought everything the shop keeper will Singh the coupon. Don't wory about it there is goining to be posters and noteices and it will be on the wireless all around britain to imform you that every thing is goining to be ok.
by francine,kelsey

Women at work.


The government are currently trying to persuade
more women to work as the war is getting worse these factorys need to fill up as soon as posible because eventually the war will get worse.The main cities that the ladies need to work in London,Exeter,Liverpool and many other.

Posters have been put up in major cities to persuade our women to work in land armys factorys and many more jobs,this major situation has been going on for many weeks and the government is getting worried as them might lose the war. Local factory worker Alison form kent said"Iknow it for the best and every think but im still aboustly devestated that we have to work every day untill the war ends".

The government is still currently wating for more women to reply for
jobs. As more men have been sent off to fight.
by Sam & Connor

Women in War

Womens War Too!

As the day rose the hard working women set out for a difficult day of work.
Yesterday ,the British Prime Minister told British public on radio that women have to join the work force in order to keep Britain running .Women will be taking the place of British men while they are fighting to save the country.British women will be working as ambulance drivers , ship builders , mechanics, tank drivers, air raid wardens, engineers, plumbers,farmers and fire engine drivers.
Sarah Macmillan, a women worker ,gave an interview yesterday to the British radio. She said "I love doing my job and helping my country through this hard time." She also said that " I am not saying that its really easy I also have to raise my children as well as my work so its quite hard."

Also the Prime Minister said that women had to work until the war finishes. For this decision many woman got angry and wasn't pleased with their Prime Minister. They say that it's really unfair when some have more than three kids to look after.
By Inquiyad and Matthew


Artists impression of the British Blitz


Last night at 7pm the Germans started bombing raids all over the country. They have targeted ports, factories and cities. The Germans are calling this barbaric bombing ' blitzkrieg '.

Just when we thought the war wasn't doing to badly, Hitler and his Nazis have ordered all German men over eighteen to work in the German air force, bombing Britain, targeting everything and sparing no-one. We got to talk to eyewitness Polly Parson , who watched the bombing come down on her neighbour's house,

" I was so frightened, I didn't even know what the bombs were at first. They just came down from the sky, like solid rain. It was extremely scary as I saw a bomb go off about twenty feet away, and my neighbour's house went up in flames."
It has been decided by the government that every home shall be supplied with kits for Anderson Shelters, which will help them hide from the bombing. These kits include corregated iron, poles and nails to hold up the structure.

It has been advised that every household should take their children, with food and blankets to their shelters, regardless of if there is bombing or not. So far twelve people have been killed and 49 injured; " It is devasting that the Germans are going ahead with such a dastardly plan but ther is nothing we can do but keep fighting", said the Prime Minister.

And he was right!
In the end there can only be one winner, and that is GREAT BRITAIN!
Written by: Lesley, Jessica and Amy

More Men Needed

The government has called for an emergency recruitment of men to join the army,as a sudden Font sizefall in volunteers has happened.

A spokesperson for the government was heard on the radio,yesterday ,pleading for men to sign up.

"Although we have 875,000 men it is not enough to defeat Germany.and stop them from taking over the other countries".

A huge recruitment office is being set up in town halls all across the country to recruit more soldiers.

"We urge every boy and men,as young as 14 to come to the town hall tomorrow and sign up.your country needs you".

We will pick anybody the age of 14.Here is a boy who got pick for the army he is called james he says"i was picked for the army and i am really scared,I wish i never got picked for the war it is a life risk and i could die in this situation.My family are so angry at me for joining the army and it isn't my fault".